Racing In Rally Shift

Racing fast performance cars is always fun and developing Rally Shift was very fun too. Fine tuning the AI drivers and racing against them made for some exciting races. Fine tuning the cars was no less interesting either. Sometimes you ended up with parameters that produced some pretty crazy results.

Driving is exciting, pure and simple. Applying power or brakes at the right amount at the right time, finding that perfect line through a turn, take the jump just right so you won’t spin off the road when you land. Then add the AI cars to the mix and it can get pretty exciting before you cross the finish line.


Rally Shift Car
A rally car posing in Rally Shift


Grab the wheel and race!


2 thoughts on “Racing In Rally Shift

  1. Addicting game! Play more than once and you are hooked. After learning how to drive the tracks, you can search for short cuts or make up your own shortcuts. Highlander is my favorite track. At the 5th turn go left instead of right and you will be ahead of the pack. With this lead you can take curves easier than if you are in 2nd place. If your driving skills are lacking, buy the companion game Rally Shift Garage. Then you can make your opponents cars heavier by adding 500 pounds the body weight. If too much weight is added the fattened car may have a banging noise. The noise isn’t too bad if you can stay in first place. Shaving weight off the car you pick may also make the car unstable to drive so changes are best done in small increments. The cars can also be changed by increasing the contrast and exposure in Apple Preview. The roads may be easier to drive with increased contrast. Highest speed comes from driving in the center of the road where all your opponents will also be. Colliding with other cars although fun will destabilize your car as the cars obey the physics of collisions. If you want to drive into your opponents, forget about winning and at the end of the race find a way behind the finish line and you can bounce off your opponents in a satisfying way.

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