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Ok everybody. What have we been tinkering with in our lab lately? The time has come to tell you more about what we have been up to. We are planning to make a new car racing game! Yes, who can deny the sheer fun of stepping on the pedal and accelerating down the road in a high performance car. Our first racing game, Rally Shift, turned out to be very popular and it was a ton of fun and excitement to race both against the clock and other AI drivers.

Rally Shift was made when Macs were based on the PowerPC CPU but that is no longer the case, now they all have Intel CPU’s. Up till Mac OS X 10.6 this was not a big problem for Rally Shift though since PPC based apps could still run with the help of the Rosetta PPC emulation built into OS X. This changed when Mac OS 10.7 Lion was released. Lion and forward no longer include the Rosetta emulation and that means PPC apps cannot run on OS X Lion and later. Performance of both CPU’s and graphics cards have also improved significantly since Rally Shift was developed.

With that in mind we thought it would be time for a new racing game. We have done some prototyping and trying various things and there are a lot more possibilities now than when Rally Shift was made. Rally Shift was a Mac only game and we still love making games for the Mac but what about a Windows version? Or what about a Linux version? Would there be interest in a Rally Shift 2 on multiple platforms?

This is where you come in. What kind of racing game would you like to see? On what platforms? What type of racing? Rally Shift was a rally inspired game and we think that type of racing is very fun and exciting. You drive on various kinds of roads, from nice asphalt roads to rough dirt roads. It’s also a point to point race. Or would you rather drive laps around a dedicated race track? And what types of cars would you like to drive?

Prototyping a new racing game
Prototyping a new racing game


So many questions and this is your chance to be heard and let us know what you want to see in a new racing game. Tell us what type of racing you like, types of cars, gameplay features etc. Please leave a comment or Email Us us with your wish list.

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  1. Looks like this might turn out to be a great game! I think it would also be more popular if it was Mac and PC because it would appeal to more people who have Windows.

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