Replay Your Driving And Watch It Again

Time for an update on the rally game project and time is actually the area of development I’m going to talk about in this short update. Namely, being able to go back in time, to replay and watch your driving again. So at this point we have implemented a basic race recorder that makes it possible to hit replay and go back and watch a race over and over again.

Being able to review the driving is not only just a useful game play feature but it’s also very helpful during development. To really drive a car properly with the best feel and control you need to have a driver seat view but sometimes you need to see the car handling from the outside and this is where the replay feature comes in. Now you can see the driving from a spectator viewpoint as if you are standing on the side of the road watching. The replay feature will also be very useful for getting interesting driving video footage.

We’ll try to put together another short video soon showing some more car action.¬†Seeing the car slide through a turn in slow motion looks really really cool. This is all still prototyping and testing ideas so nice effects like dirt and dust, head lights, etc are not implemented yet. All that pretty stuff ¬†will have to wait till later. The car physics is also still in a “the car drives” state. In other words it’s not final and have not even been tuned much at all. Just enough that it’s possible to drive. But all that will be worked on in due time.


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