Rally Game Progress

Hello everybody. It’s been a while since the last update so you might be wondering what’s going on. Before I get more into that I want to talk a bit about what we are planning. Back when we made Rally Shift, computers did not have the power and performance they have today. What that means from a game development point of view is that games were much simpler in terms of graphics and complexity. If we go back even farther to the 90’s or even late 80’s when we had the 8-bit era, games were mostly 2D platform types of games with very simple graphics. Then a game could maybe use a total of 32 kB or so compared to now when a game is easily several gigabytes in size. That’s around 100,000+ times larger!┬áThis also directly translates into the cost of developing games.

What this means for us and the development of a new modern Rally Shift is that it will require a larger budget than before. So here is what we are planning: In order to raise the necessary funds to develop this game we are going to run a Kickstarter campaign. Many of you are no doubt already familiar with Kickstarter. Lots of indie game projects have already been made possible with the help of crowd funding and we think it’s a great way for players and fans to help bringing games they’d love to see to the market.

So we are going to launch our own kickstarter campaign soon and this is what we have been working on lately. We are creating the material and videos to be used in the campaign and we can’t wait to show it all to you. We think a new great rally game would be awesome and hopefully you all will feel the same and we cam make this happen.

To at least show something I will end this post with a nice little screenshot. Remember this is still a prototype of the game and it will look even better when finished.

Rally Shift Extreme
That’s how you drive a rally car

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