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Rally Shift Extreme Now On Kickstarter

Rally Shift Extreme (RSX) is now on Kickstarter! RSX is a racing game inspired by the world rally championship races held in many countries throughout the year. Please back this game project and spread the word to friends, co-workers and anybody you think might be interested in a new awesome rally racing game.

Racing In Rally Shift Extreme

Racing In Rally Shift Extreme

Creating a Kickstarter project is a lot of work. Maybe I should write a post about that sometime. We absolutely believe in this project and we hope you do too. We depend on a successful Kickstarter funding to move forward with this game and be able to bring you all a new fresh rally racing game.

Again, please spread the word and support the Rally Shift Extreme project if possible.

Thank You!



2 comments on “Rally Shift Extreme Now On Kickstarter

  1. what with physics of cars. like richrd burns rally or closer to DIRT series or CMR.. ?


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