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DT3 game project

We are happy to announce that we are starting development of a new game inspired by the original DeepTrouble! The game will take place in a mysterious underwater world and like the original DeepTrouble it will include exploration and a nonlinear gameplay. It was especially the nonlinear  gameplay that contributed to DeepTrouble’s success and this is one of the main features we want to bring back to this game. It will of course also include new gameplay ideas that we think will add tremendously to the fun and excitement of playing the game.

Graphics have improved enormously in games since the first DeepTrouble was released and this will also be reflected in our next game. We want to create a really interesting and exciting game world for you to explore and new alien ships to fight. During the development of the game we will try to provide updates on the progress and also show you screenshots and videos.

We want to make this a really great game and that’s why we also want your input and feedback. Later we also hope to make some development builds available for testing and to get feedback. We always want your input so please don’t hesitate to email us.

More news and information will follow as development progresses.


5 thoughts on “Our Next Game Project

  1. Fantastic news and very exciting to hear that at long last DT3 is To be developed. Every now and then I fire up my old G4 iMac, which I kept specifically, so that I can get a fix of the original (and best) DT. I’d be delighted to share my thoughts about what – for me – made it such a great and compelling game.

  2. Finally doing it! I hope that our emails way back when helped you make that decision. Will buy when it comes out! Cant wait!

  3. I’m on an old Mac game binge, and after re-locating a few other pieces of software (which I’m super excited that the websites are still up for them) I had a particularly strong desire to play some Deep Trouble. So I come to this website after not coming here for probably at least 3 years, and… DT3?! :O I’m amazed that it’s actually happening, and I’m super excited about it.

    All aboard the hype train! Oh, just me and a handful of other people? Ok then. Hopefully this release picks up some Steam from existing gaming communities/stores, if you catch my drift.

  4. DT3 development is on hold, for the time being at least. I know there are a few of you guys who really loved DT 1 and/or DT2 but the game market is so different today. I keep asking myself if another DeepTrouble type game would make sense with that in mind? Graphically the demands are many times higher now than back then and that also means the latest in hardware is needed. In other words, it’s not so casual anymore.

  5. Ken, I know it seems like a small company like this can’t compete with big-name game development companies, but plenty of indie game developers have success releasing innovative games that don’t necessarily need top-notch graphics.

    Now, I hate Windows as much as the next guy (just kidding; I hate it more) but you really need that PC gamer fanbase to get your game played. I would suggest looking into developing a cross-platform game and releasing it through Steam Greenlight. You might look at Subnautica and think there’s no way you could compete. Yeah, you probably shouldn’t even try. But your game is different than Subnautica and offers a different style of gameplay, so you wouldn’t need to “compete” with it. I feel like you could create something that Windows users haven’t seen yet, and I personally think you might find some success releasing a game on Steam.

    I don’t know how it’s written, and how easy it would be to port DT1 (and/or DT2) to Windows, but if you could do that semi-easily, you could release that on Steam and, I think, there would be people that would enjoy it, but still we’re only talking like $5 here for a game that old. It still has plenty of charm, though.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’m rooting for you.

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