Time For a New Look

New Website Look

We have some exciting news to be announced real soon now so with that in mind we figured it would also be a good time to update the look of our web site. This new design will serve both you and us better as we move forward. And lets face it, it’s always exciting with a little face lift. It’s not all perfect though since this design has some rough edges here and there but overall I think it looks really nice.

Building a web site can take a lot of ┬áman hours and one way to cut down on those hours a bit is to modify an existing design. It’s not an ideal approach but a good compromise and that’s what we have done here. The goal is to one day design and build the site look and functionality from scratch since it will make for a better end result but we have more pressing things on our plate for now.

As I said in the introduction, we have some exciting news in the pipeline that will show up here real soon. And when I say soon, I do mean real soon.


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